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Last week the Utne librarian, Daniel Maestretti, featured Geez magazine on Shelf Life, a short spot where they feature important or nifty stuff. She pointed out Josh MacIvor-Andersen’s story in Geez issue 13. He’s a “hippie-sounding dude,” she says. And his article on bartering with a Starbucks clerk and others is “sort of a fun essay.” We’d agree. See her Shelf Life here, and Josh’s article here.



Smashing Pumpkins chatted with Aaron Epp about faith and music. Aaron, was guest editor of Geez’s issue on music

“It’s difficult for any band to combine faith with rock,” he starts, “because nobody likes being preached at, or having something shoved down their throat, or feeling as though they’re being talked down to. Ultimately, people are weary of anything with an agenda. I know I am.”

See the full article “Super Christ” here.

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