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Cincinnati 2009 RegisterPAiden, our Geez editor, has taken flight! He is off in Cincinnati Ohio at the CCDA National Conference learning about simplicity, subversion, solidarity, synergy and symphony.

The conference has been going since 1989 and presents Christians with a challenge to actually live how Christ lived.

If you all the sudden want to see Aiden, just fly on down. He’ll be sitting at an exhibit booth next to the book store. – Megan Kamei, editorial assistant


neoliberal-screengrabNeoliberalism…Good…Bad?? Some say it is great and that it will enable all nations to prosper and develop. Others say it is terrible and would bring utter chaos. I don’t know about you but I sure am confused. Shoot, I don’t actually understand what neoliberalism really is.

Well THANK GOODNESS there are smart people out there that can explain things in a neat, comforting, easy-to-understand way. And how lucky am I that there is even a nifty little video, complete with labcoat instructor (uses baloons! Yippee!) that will explain the thick beastly concept of, dum dum dum: neoliberalism.

Looking for ways to respond? Maybe Geez’s catalogue of social change will help you understand where you fit in.

Be sure to look for Andy Alexis-Baker‘s article in the upcoming Jesus issue of Geez magazine, due to ship mid November. – Megan Kamei, editorial assistant

DSC_9521-Edit_500Thanks to Rob Peters, a friend of Geez, I found out about Herakut, an unlikely art duo that creates on-the-edge art.

Hera is a classically trained painter while Akut is completely self taught. They bring their very different styles together to create art that is unique, beautiful and weird. In an interview Herakut is explained as, “Hera and Akut speaking at the same time, telling you completely different stories or the very same story just in their very own words. It might be difficult to understand but it´s full of strange, new information.”
They also go onto explain how their art is a way of having a conversation with each other.


You can check out their art online or on youtubeMegan Kamei, editorial assistant

phyllisGeez magazine is proud to sponsor The Great Emergence: How Christianity is Changing and Why, featuring keynote speaker Phyllis Tickle, on October 31, 2009.

She says the church is going through a giant rummage sale (see an interview with her here.
I guess the thing that impresses me the most is the variety of groups that agreed to sponsor the event, from Presbyterians and United Church folks to Evangelical Mennonites and Salvationists (see the list of sponsors). – Aiden Enns, editor

Whatever ever happened to the year of Jubilee? It is hard to imagine all the world’s debts canceled, putting everyone back on a level playing field. You might think this concept has been lost with many of the Old Testament laws but think again. Jubliee USA Network is campaigning to see expanded debt cancellation in order to alleviate poverty.

“Still, 50,000 people die every day as a result of extreme poverty.  The gap between the rich and the poor is growing – at least 53 million additional people will be forced to live on less than $2/day this year, due to the global economic crisis.  Meanwhile, the world’s poorest countries send $100 million every day in debt repayment to the world’s richest countries and financial institutions.  We have the power to change this!” read more…

You can also check out Wikipedia and the Kairos website for more information. – Megan Kamei, editorial assistant

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