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Slagging on the Olympics is a good way to make people think you’re a kook. Nobody likes a party pooper, especially one at a worldwide pageantry that’s bringing 82 nations together in peaceful competition. It’s definitely not in keeping with the nebulous concept of “Olympic Spirit,” which is, let’s face it, only rich in sentiment.

Nevertheless, such sentiment serves as a convenient rallying cry for corporations that stand to profit from the rapacious development of Olympic venues and public consumption of events, schwag and advertisements. It’s a feel-good moneymaker. Read the rest of this entry »


Cincinnati 2009 RegisterPAiden, our Geez editor, has taken flight! He is off in Cincinnati Ohio at the CCDA National Conference learning about simplicity, subversion, solidarity, synergy and symphony.

The conference has been going since 1989 and presents Christians with a challenge to actually live how Christ lived.

If you all the sudden want to see Aiden, just fly on down. He’ll be sitting at an exhibit booth next to the book store. – Megan Kamei, editorial assistant

Today we say hello to our newest intern, Megan Kamei. She’s from Providence College, studying communications and media. Why did she choose Geez for an internship? Well, at some point in the future she plans to work on a magazine in India. Yes, that India. On the other side of the world. She’s done some work with an organization called Touch India Trust and plans to return. Welcome aboard Megan! – Aiden Enns, editor

UIPA_2009_winners_logoAfter three nominations, Geez finally scooped top honours for best Spiritual Coverage  at the 2009 Utne Independent Press Awards. See their (quite favourable) comments here, (scroll half way down).


They said Geez had “an inspiring year, when every issue was as playful as it was profound.”


The road between extreme believers and angry atheists gets pretty slim, but the Utne judges saw the path, “The editors have created a place where writing and reading about lives inspired but not overcome by religious doctrine can be accomplished in peace.”


“Unlike many magazines about spirituality and religion, this ad-free, nonprofit, volunteer-supported publication bypasses sentimentality for earnest exploration, and seems to have a hell of a time doing it.” 

Socially conscious
At the Canadian Church Press awards banquet, Geez editor and journalist Will Braun received top honours for Read the rest of this entry »


"We're shopping ourselves to death.... We are in the valley of the shadow of debt. Amen! Hallelujah!" - Reverend Billy on Fox TV

"We're shopping ourselves to death.... We are in the valley of the shadow of debt. Amen! Hallelujah!"--Rev. Billy


Starbucks announces the closing of 616 of its stores across the United States. So, for fun, Fox TV gets Reverend Billy from The Church of Stop Shopping behind the camera for Fox Business Happy Hour. He actually preaches against the pitfalls of Starbucks (it breaks up communites with independent shops, it’s wages are too low, it makes bad coffee, it’s a chain store which erodes local character) and she changes the subject to shopping in general. “Capitalism does not necessarily mean freedom,” he says. See the video here.

If you’re a Geez reader and still like shiny things, including Oprah’s O magazine, you’re not alone. Trudy J. Morgan-Cole, a blogger from Newfoundland is your friend. She writes, 

These two magazines sit uneasily on my coffee table together, as if they’re the two hemispheres of my brain — different, yet each necessary. Not that they’re the right and left hemispheres — politically, the editorial slants of both O and Geez could easily be labelled “left” though Geez is certainly more radical. O resides in a comfortable, well-decorated corner of the political left, sort of like the American Democratic party, while Geez is camped outside in the parking lot in a cardboard box. [See full entry here.]  

Read the rest of this entry »

Last week I sent out a letter to all subscribers (except those who are making monthly donations). It was addressed to “Dear Reader,” which has already drawn some comments.

I thought I would say “Dear Reader” instead of using a computer to auto insert 1500 names (e.g. “Dear <first name>”) because “Dear Reader” is more honest. That is, if I open a letter from an organization that says “Dear Aiden,” I know it is not personal, unless it has some other elements, that aren’t computer generated.

If I say “Dear Reader” in my publisher’s letter it also saves us the hassle of custom printing, sorting and stuffing all the envelopes.

So, in case you’re wondering why I addressed you in an impersonal way, that’s why.

Aiden Enns, Publisher, Geez magazine.

Geez 10

Finally, the sermon issue is here. We had about 120 entries, which, in terms of sheer volume, was a brutal amount to read. On the positive side, though, this was a great way to get under the cranium and sternum of our readers and contributors. You can see the contest winners here and see the preview of the issue here. – Aiden Enns, publisher, Geez

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